What is The Movie Bro about? Good question. A close friend once described The Movie Bro as possessing the wisdom of Aristotle, the spirit of Robin Hood, and the sheer awesomeness of Ben Affleck. Pretty fucking spot-on. Anyway, as an avid movie-goer and certifiable genius, The Movie Bro has generously constructed this site to discover, dissect, and discuss all things film, thereby rendering the common bro’s cinematic experience nothing short of amazing. Need the perfect chick flick to lube up your new lady? The Move Bro is here. Looking for 2 hours of merciless slaughter and other deviant behavior? The Movie Bro is here. Wish a trustworthy source had told you The Hangover 2 was fucking terrible despite the trailers and your unconditional love for Zach Galifianakis? The Movie Bro is here.   

At The Movie Bro you’ll get timely reviews, trailer breakdowns, brilliant movie pitches, write-ups on bro classics, inappropriate analysis of actresses, and much more. Well, I don’t know how much more, but possibly a little more shit. Regardless, movies are an essential part of every reputable bro’s life, so why waste your valuable time listening to assholes like Roger Ebert? If you’ve made it this far and like what you’ve read, there’s a good chance that you’re a genuine bro and The Movie Bro is right up your alley. If you’ve read all of this and aren’t the least bit intrigued, you’re either a) an anti-bro (absolute loser), b) severely retarded, or c) all of the above.


The Movie Bro


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